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Aligns with all major ESG regulations and frameworks

User-friendly dashboard makes ESG management simple

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How we solve ESG management

01 Collect
Identify and collect the relevant metrics
02 Comply
Comply with evolving regulations and frameworks
03 Report
Visualise and report your data intelligently
04 Improve
Map your pathway to ESG improvement

What our clients say

365 Finance

"Using KEY ESG’s dashboard enabled us to align internally on our D&I goals and report our results in a frictionless, streamlined way. The platform is so simple to use and makes ESG ambitions achievable for companies at every level of tech and ESG maturity."

Martin Kennington, CMO


“KEY ESG enabled our team to produce our first ESG report within one month. Their software enabled our team to quickly cover the ESG basics and contextualize our ESG performance for internal management as well as external stakeholder communication purposes.”

Yuri Mayor, CFO

Pollen StreetCapital

"Our portfolio companies love how easy to use the platform is and have already mentioned they want to use it for their own internal ESG processes."

Alison Collins, Head of ESG

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