Why choose KEY ESG?

Many companies offer ESG metric measurement software, but there's a reason why KEY ESG is the tool of choice for so many diverse businesses.

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Our end-to-end software addresses the common challenges of ESG management

KEY ESG is automated and repeatable

Work smarter, not harder

Keep it simple. KEY ESG software automatically collects all relevant ESG data and runs calculations for you.

KEY ESG software is always up-to-date

On-demand and up-to-date

KEY ESG's secure cloud-based software is continually updated, ensuring you're always on top of emerging developments and new ESG regulations.

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One-stop-shop solution

Our comprehensive approach consolidates all elements of ESG performance. Measure, monitor, analyse, and report on ESG all in one place.

ESG performance has become mission critical

Many firms monitor their ESG performance to assess their environmental impact or appease various stakeholders. However, many more companies recognise the added value of ESG monitoring in terms of its ability to improve performance, offer better financing options, boost employee retention rates, and lower operational costs.

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Navigating the ESG landscape

For most companies, employing an ESG specialist to keep up with new developments in an everchanging ESG landscape just isn't practical. Training up management to deal with ESG topics is also often ineffective, as they simply don't have the time or resources. KEY ESG software saves time and ensures the job gets done properly.

The ESG chaos

Collate your data all in one place

Manually gathering ESG data from different sectors of your company's value chain can be tedious, time-consuming, and costly. From HR to factory operations, each applicable metric must be assessed, and every additional framework requires a different set of data. KEY ESG software gathers data for you, and any changes in legislation are integrated into our software automatically.

ESG data is often scattered and inconsistent

Remove the guesswork and rely on our software

Spending hours gathering ESG data from across your value chain doesn't necessarily lead to useful insights. Our interface builds clear visualisations to help you to establish courses of action and easily explain your strategies to key stakeholders.

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Ready to take the first step towards better ESG management?


Unlocking your sustainable advantage

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