Your all-in-one CSRD compliance software

In-platform double materiality assessments

AI-assisted ESRS data collection according to your material topics

Built-in automated audit trails to ensure CSRD audit readiness

“World-class software”… “ESG made easy”… “Would absolutely recommend”

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How we solve CSRD compliance

01 Assess
Conduct your double materiality assessment in-platform
02 Collect
AI-assissted ESRS data collection
03 Report
Audit-ready reporting process for external assurers
04 Improve
Set targets and map your actions to improvement

What our clients say

"Using KEY ESG’s dashboard enabled us to align internally on our D&I goals and report our results in a frictionless, streamlined way. The platform is so simple to use and makes ESG ambitions achievable for companies at every level of tech and ESG maturity."

Martin Kennington, CMO

“Resolve Surgical Technologies can now have a data-driven conversation around its sustainability priorities. We have moved away from disconnected data sheets saved in various locations, to a single source of truth platform which enables us to form a clear action plan.”

Chris Roose, R&D Manager

"KEY ESG saves the business operations team time and contributes to a more streamlined and cost-effective solution and at the same time delivers consistency and an auditable data set.”

Yuriy Bolonny, ESG Officer

Download your CSRD software buyer's guide today!

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