CSRD Compliance Platform

The all-in-one CSRD compliance platform to streamline compliance and drive ESG value creation across your organisation.
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All-in-one CSRD compliance solution

From double materiality assessments through to metric selection, data collection, reporting, improvement and target setting, KEY ESG will provide the guidance and support you need to simplify, streamline and reduce the cost of CSRD compliance.

  • In-platform double materiality guidance
  • Comprehensive metric library of over 1,000+ ESRS narrative and quantitative data points
  • Reporting with XBRL digital taggging
  • Set improvement targets and action plans

Conduct your double materiality assessment

KEY ESG caters to a variety of options on double materiality assessments. Whether organisations choose to outsource and complete their assessment with a consultant, or manage the process in-house, our CSRD Compliance Platform can process and integrate with the outcome of the assessment.

  • Assess IROs (Impacts, Risks and Opportunities)in-line with regulatory guidance
  • Collaborate with colleagues, stakeholders and auditors
  • Be assurance ready with audit trail and easy exports

Data collection in-line with CSRD requirements

KEY ESG can handle all the data collection formats required by the ESRS, and delivers reports in-line with XBRL digital tagging requirements.

  • Numerical, narrative, Y/N data points all accepted in our platform
  • Data collection in-line with XBRL digital tagging requirements
  • Collect only the data which is stipulated by your materiality assessment

AI-assisted data submission

KEY ESG streamlines the data collection process through the use of AI-assisted data submission where possible. Upload policy documents to the dashboard and benefit from machine generated answers based on the policy.

  • Simply upload policy documents and benefit from auto-submission of data
  • All answers are user-reviewed and tracked in the audit report
  • Reduce repetition and repetitive tasks with AI

Audit-ready reporting process

KEY ESG provides an exportable and in-platform audit trail of the entire metric and data collection process so that your company’s reporting process and ESG data is externally auditable.

  • Exportable and in-platform audit trails
  • See changes made, issues raised and comments in an automatic audit trail
  • KEY ESG audit trail is built based on theprocesses recommended by the big four audit firms

Join our network and learn from our experts

KEY ESG has been part of the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) field test for CSRD development and has been a part of the testing and review process throughout. We also are a part of the XBRL working group and are well informed on the additional reporting requirements of CSRD.

  • Regular webinars and in-house workshops on CSRD to share our learnings and network
  • Wide network of experts, assurance and consultancy partners who we work with
  • Part of the EFRAG field test for CSRD and members of XBRL working group

Integrating with all your major business applications

Why choose KEY ESG

World-class support meets smart technology.

Agile & customer-centric

Our product is built in close consultation with our customers.

ESG expertise

Our team of ESG specialists ensures you stay up to date with the latest ESG metrics and frameworks.

Regulations & frameworks

Our software continuously updates in line with all the global ESG regulations and standards, so you don't have to.

World-class support

Our clients receive world-class support so that best-practice ESG management becomes second nature.

Seamless integrations

Seamlessly integrated into all your major business systems to remove the inefficiency of manual data collection.

Cloud-based security

As a certified AWS software partner we provide our clients with the premium cloud-based data security servers.

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CSRD Compliance Platform

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365 Finance

“Using KEY ESG’s dashboard enabled us to align internally on our D&I goals and report our results in a frictionless, streamlined way. The platform is so simple to use and makes ESG ambitions achievable for companies at every level of tech and ESG maturity.”

Martin Kennington, CMO of 365 Finance
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Iconic London

“Having the KEY ESG platform to work with instead of various Excel sheets is making a big difference. Not only that, but the level of support and knowledge of the team at KEY ESG has been a huge help in accelerating our ESG journey. KEY ESG understands the nuances of our business and has made it simpler for us to take the first step.”

Ann Masson, CFO
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