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ESG software for private equity firms and investors to manage, analyse, report on and improve their ESG performance across their portfolio.
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Invite companies and track your portfolio

KEY ESG simplifies your workflows by sending out automated data requests and reminders to all companies within your portfolio. Use our intuitive framework library to comply with global regulations, select the appropriate metrics for each portfolio company, fund or asset type and track their progress with data collection requests.

  • Flexible and modular metric library tailored to the investment industry
  • Automate the data request process and keep track of progress
  • Comply with global regulations and adhere to investment industry frameworks

Collect high quality data

Each portfolio company accesses their own Company Platform and submits its raw ESG data through an intuitive step-by-step process. KEY ESG’s intelligent data upload functionality will flag potential errors and outliers at the point of entry. The same methodologies and conversion factors apply across the entire portfolio, ensuring consistency.

The Fund Manager Platform provides a centralised dashboard which shows both the portfolio’s ESG data as a whole and allows for analysis of individual portfolio companies.

Comply with global regulations

Future-proof your fund or portfolio for the evolving regulatory environment with our platform that stays up to date with regulations and voluntary frameworks as they are released. EDCI, SFDR, IFRS, TCFD, EU Taxonomy and more... you name it, we cater for it.

  • Catering to all the major ESG regulations and frameworks
  • Expert ESG framework selection process to ensure you are set up on the right track
  • A team of regulatory and ESG experts ensuring seamless integration of regulatory changes in the tool

Automate EDCI data submission and reporting

Our software integrates the entire set of metrics required by the EDCI framework and guides members to collect and submit ESG data into the EDCI portal effortlessly. KEY ESG is a licensed partner of the EDCI and displays EDCI benchmark data to its members directly in our dashboard.

  • Automated calculations adhering to EDCI methodology
  • Easy, guided data entry interface made for portcos
  • Access EDCI benchmark data direct in our app

Calculate or estimate Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

KEY ESG provides Scope 1, 2 and 3 spend- and activity-based carbon accounting.  Our platform also provides “outside-in” carbon footprint estimations based on global averages. KEY ESG software is always kept up-to-date on the latest carbon regulations and conversions factors, in-line with GHG Protocol.

  • Activity-based and spend-based carbon calculation as well as carbon footprint estimations
  • Over 50,000 continuously updated conversion factors for automated calculations, in-line with GHG Protocol
  • Save time on the carbon data collection with integrations to ERP and financial reporting systems

Measure and analyse

Detect opportunities, areas of risk, and any gaps in your portfolio's ESG performance with KEY ESG. Compare performance across your portfolio through standardised charts for each metric and company. Access industry benchmarks to compare your performance versus your peers.

  • Compare your performance to benchmarks with over 4,000 private companies included
  • See how you perform over time with consistent and comparable metrics
  • Sort the data by location, asset class, fund, portfolio company and date


Dashboard charts, benchmarking and data visualisations make it easy to draw up reports and work proactively with your data. Export the reports to CSV or PDF to support your portfolio’s ESG strategy and communicate strong performance to LPs, consumers and stakeholders.

Report on your historic and current ESG standing as well as your progress against your improvement targets and action plans.

  • Segment the data by year, location, asset class, fund or portco
  • Communicate your ESG strategy with exportable reports

Set targets and drive improvement

Set targets and action plans on how to achieve ESG performance improvement across your portfolio. Assign users to specific actions and send automated reminders to ensure the team is on track. Benefit from our policy templates and best practice guidance which make it easy to implement best-in-class ESG management processes.

  • Set targets and action plans to track your progress towards them
  • Assign actions to targets and users to actions to drive real ESG improvement
  • Optimise process and policies using our termplate library

Integrating with all your major business applications

Why choose KEY ESG

World-class support meets smart technology.

ESG expertise

Our team of ESG specialists ensures you stay up to date with the latest ESG metrics and frameworks.

Agile & customer-centric

Our product is built in close consultation with our customers.

Seamless integrations

Seamlessly integrated into all your major business systems to remove the inefficiency of manual data collection.

World-class support

Our clients receive world-class support so that best-practice ESG management becomes second nature.

Cloud-based security

As a certified AWS software partner we provide our clients with the premium cloud-based data security servers.

Regulations & frameworks

Our software continuously updates in line with all the global ESG regulations and standards, so you don't have to.

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A.P. Moller Capital

“We set out originally to improve efficiency at the fund manager level and have been delighted to see efficiency improvements trickle down to the portfolio company level and deliver added value."

Carmen Navarro, Head of ESG
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Pollen Street Capital

"Our portfolio companies love how easy to use the platform is and have already mentioned they want to use it for their own internal ESG processes."

Alison Collins, Head of ESG
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