ESG and Carbon software to measure, report and improve your ESG performance

KEY ESG makes ESG management easy, no matter your level of ESG maturity. Our software saves you time and resources by automating your ESG processes and providing you with the insights you need to truly own your ESG narrative.

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ESG software to streamline ESG processes from Due Diligence to Exit
KEY ESG software saves limited partners, general partners, and portfolio companies, time and resources by automating and scaling ESG management across the investment cycle.

End-to-end ESG software to manage ESG from data collection to reporting, no matter your level of ESG maturity

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KEY ESG software helps you identify the frameworks and metrics you should track.

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KEY ESG software allows multiple users to collect data at the site, company or portfolio level.

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KEY ESG software automatically calculates your metrics in line with
leading methodologies.

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KEY ESG software generates PDF and CSV reports in one click.

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KEY ESG software lets you set goals, access peer benchmarks and track improvement in ESG initiatives.

ESG management software with clear ROI
faster reporting compared to manual reporting
cost savings compared to in-house reporting
ESG metrics and unlimited customised metrics
transparency on data and calculations

Automate ESG reporting for the leading global ESG standards

Our set of metrics covers the leading ESG frameworks and regulations. Our ESG software automatically selects the relevant metrics for each framework, applies the correct methodology and automatically generates the reports you need.

ESG leading frameworks and standards

A modular and user-friendly solution guiding you along the whole ESG process

KEY ESG’s software caters to a broad range of diverse ESG needs and requirements. Our offer is modular and user-friendly, providing guidance and insights on how to collect and measure the right ESG data. With KEY ESG you get the tools you need to thrive at every level of ESG maturity.

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Integrating with all major business applications


Don't see the integration you were looking for?

Contact us to find out about the full range of our integration capabilities...

Why KEY ESG is the ESG software of choice for business users

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Onboarding support from our team of ESG experts

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A comprehensive approach to ESG, Carbon Accounting and sustainability management

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Constant updates via the cloud

Easy to use for all business users

Easy to use for all business users

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In KEY ESG we have found a software partner that understands the unique challenges and needs of investment managers as well as company management teams. We can automate and scale ESG data collection, metric calculation, and reporting processes, allowing us to focus our time and energy on driving real improvement in ESG performance.

Didier Ryelandt, CFO, ForMotion NV

Recognized by the industry as a leading software solution for ESG management

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3 things you need to know about the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Our ESG experts introduce the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) to our blog by setting out three important factors to consider.

SFDR Blog Series: Article 8 vs Article 9 Classification

SFDR Blog Series: Article 8 vs Article 9 Classification

Recent clarification on SFDR has meant that the differences between Article 8 & Article 9 are now more clear. We summarise these new developments.

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