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Measure, manage, report, and act on your ESG metrics using KEY ESG's intuitive software and start owning your ESG narrative

KEY ESG intuitive ESG software

Take control of your ESG narrative

Built on real data insights and expert know-how, KEY ESG's intuitive software guides businesses and investors through every step of their ESG journey

The global issuance of green, social, sustainability (GSS), and sustainability-linked bonds (SLBs) should hit a record $1.35trn in 2022, a 36% increase over 2021.

Source: Moody's ESG Solutions
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Companies with top-quartile ESG performance benefit from 5-10% lower cost of capital versus low-quartile performers


Future-proofing for modern businesses

As investors and governing bodies strive to foster more sustainable practices, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics have become critical topics of consideration for modern businesses. However, without a comprehensive knowledge of ESG frameworks, it can be difficult to make sense of your ESG data and communicate it effectively.

KEY ESG helps you save time, energy, and resources

Tailor your methodology to your needs

Choosing the right methodology can be daunting. ESG frameworks and methodologies continually adapt to new challenges and industry benchmarks change over time. KEY ESG's experts do the research to ensure that our ESG software reflects industry best practices and regulatory guidance at all times, keeping you on top of new developments.

KEY ESG follows the leading frameworks (ILPA, GRI, SASB, UN PRI, TCFD, CDP, UN SDG)

Automated data collection without the risk

With KEY ESG, your company data is automatically collected and safeguarded. Data is secured and backed up via the cloud, meaning you can access it online whenever you need it. Different permission levels enable you to control what each user views, and source documents are linked to build auditable paper trails.

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Real-time updates provide on-demand feedback

Your ESG metrics are calculated and analysed continuously, meaning that your measurements are always up-to-date and accurate. There's no need to sift through data reports to find what's relevant, as your feedback and insights are intuitively updated with every data entry.

Real-time updates provide on-demand feedback

Don't update your dashboard. Let your KEY ESG dashboard update you.

Comprehensive data interpretations help shape your strategy

Our software not only stores and tracks your ESG data, it also provides visualisations to help you make sense of the information gathered. Insights are presented clearly, revealing your company's ESG opportunities and areas of risk and enabling you to set targets from a more informed perspective.

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Ready-to-go reports whenever you need them

KEY ESG's software collates your data into structured report documents, allowing you to showcase your progress and evidence your ESG performance. Our report templates are based on industry-leading standards and can be tailored to different stakeholders.

Ready-to-publish ESG reports

Software that aligns with your business goals

ESG measurement isn't 'one size fits all'. KEY ESG is partnered with businesses across a range of sectors, and our software intuitively tailors your ESG measurement methodologies in line with your specific industry context.

Private Equity Firms

Private Equity Firms


SMEs and Start-Ups

Large Enterprises

Large Enterprises

Why businesses choose KEY ESG

Secure and user-friendly interface

Secure and user-friendly interface

A comprehensive approach to ESG

A comprehensive approach to ESG

Constant updates via the cloud

Constant updates via the cloud

Support and guidance from  our team of ESG experts

Support on demand from our team of ESG experts

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Unlocking your sustainable advantage

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