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ESG Data Convergence Initiative
ESG Data Convergence Initiative

ESG Data Convergence Initiative

Our software integrates the entire set of metrics required by the EDCI and guides you to collect and report on them effortlessly.

Automate and streamline your EDCI reporting

Whether you’re new to EDCI, or looking to streamline your reporting processes, KEY ESG's software will support you in the data submission, reporting and benchmarking process. It streamlines and automates data collection, calculations, and reporting, providing high-quality EDCI datasets across your portfolios.

About the EDCI

EDCI is the first-ever private equity industry collaboration striving to develop a minimum baseline for ESG reporting through a standardised set of ESG metrics. Launched in 2021 by Carlyle, CalPERS, and a group of leading GPs and LPs, the initiative now brings together 350+ GPs and LPs. It is a great first step for investors looking to commit to ESG. That's why KEY ESG's software includes the EDCI framework, metrics and methodology in all its packages.

Streamline EDCI data submission

Our software integrates the entire set of metrics required by the EDCI and guides you to collect and report on them effortlessly.

  • 100% coverage of EDCI metrics
  • Onboarding support with our customer success team
  • In-app guided data entry with explanations along the way
  • Only follows EDCI-approved methodologies

Save time and resources on EDCI reporting

KEY ESG's software reduces the data burden for your portfolio companies by making it easy to collect, calculate and report on all EDCI metrics. It provides reliable, comparable and standardised EDCI data sets, saving all parties time and resources.

  • Automated calculations adhering to EDCI methodology
  • Easy, guided data entry interface made for portcos
  • Collaborative synced platforms for both fund managers and portcos
  • Validated, submission ready EDCI data streamed direct from our platform via API

Always stay up-to-date with the latest EDCI requirements

KEY ESG's experts stay up to date with the latest EDCI requirements and methodologies for you, so you don’t have to. Our cloud-based software is continuously updated to reflect any changes and automatically reflects them into your calculations.

View EDCI benchmarks direct in your KEY ESG platform

EDCI members can view EDCI benchmarks direct in their KEY ESG platforms. Compare your ESG data to over 4,000 portfolio companies with over 37,000 data points. Set targets and implement actions based on data, not guesswork. Use benchmark data to tell a clear story to stakeholders about your ESG performance and targets.


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