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Own your ESG narrative and communicate your data in a relevant format to all your stakeholders.
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Communicate your ESG performance

Summarise and contextualise your ESG performance and progress in off-the-shelf reports. Report in line with the relevant ESG frameworks and regulations. Communicate your ESG performance supported by high-quality data, underpinned by solid methodology.

Create customised reports

Use off-the-shelf ESG reporting templates to create your own reports adding images, logos and context to your ESG data output. Tell a clear and compelling narrative about your ESG performance and improvement targets to external stakeholders.

One-click export to any format

Sign-off and export your reports directly from the platform. Use off-the-shelf reports for your management, investor or LP meetings as well as ESG communication to other internal and external stakeholders.

Demonstrate process and get ready for audit

Use our in-app audit trail to assign ownership and check and verify data. Provide final sign-off on data submissions and lock reports when ready, ensuring high quality data and version control. Export the audit trail for external review or grant auditors dedicated access to the platform to see your company or portfolio's ESG reporting process and audit trails in their entirety.


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Climate Investment

"The KEY ESG platform provides us with a centralized view of our ESG data, streamlines data collection and drives ESG engagement across our portfolio companies. It provides a platform which fosters data-driven decision making."

Liz Platt, Strategy Associate
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Pollen Street Capital

"Our portfolio companies love how easy to use the platform is and have already mentioned they want to use it for their own internal ESG processes."

Alison Collins, Head of ESG
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