Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Manage your CSRD compliance

Rely on KEY ESG to manage your transition from NFRD to CSRD reporting requirements smoothly. Our ESG experts will simplify your reporting strategy so you can focus on implementing your ESG improvements.


Navigating double materiality assessments

The CSRD requires all qualifying companies to undergo a double materiality assessment. This requires you to consider what topics covered by the CSRD have a material impact on your business, as well as how your business has an impact on the areas highlighted by CSRD. KEY ESG's metric library will help you to identify the required information and collate data on those topics relevant to you.

Navigating double materiality assessments

First-time CSRD reporting will be tough. Let’s tackle it together.

KEY ESG's software will collate data requirements according to specific CSRD materiality assessments. The platform provides guided onboarding and simplifies the metric-selection process. KEY ESG provides clear audit trails, making it easy for third party assurers to review required data. In ensuring that all data is reported digitally from the outset, companies can uphold the new digital reporting requirements from the start.

CSRD reporting for companies

Guided onboarding for CSRD reporting

Through our onboarding process, KEY ESG's software and experts support you as you take the first step. We guide you to collect and report the right data for your firm and help you meet disclosure requirements effortlessly.

  • Onboarding support with our customer success team
  • In-app guided data entry with explanations along the way
  • Supporting companies in the implementation of the new CSRD requirements as they evolve
KEY ESG simplifies data collection processes and reduces the data burden on portfolio companies

Optimize and automate with CSRD

KEY ESG's software reduces the data burden for companies by making it easy to collect, calculate and report on all ESG metrics. It provides reliable, comparable and standardized data sets, saving all parties time and resources.

  • Automated calculations adhering to CSRD methodology
  • Easy, guided data entry interface made for business users
  • In-app and exportable reporting in PDF and CSV
  • Benchmarking and target setting to drive improvement
KEY ESG provides analyses and reports across your funds

Why do companies choose KEY ESG for CSRD?

KEY ESG's software is made by ESG professionals for business professionals. We understand the challenges of evolving regulatory requirements and strive to make ESG reporting and management accessible for all.

KEY ESG is secure and user-friendly

Secure and user-friendly interface

KEY ESG is a one-stop-shop for all CSRD data

One-stop-shop for all your CSRD requirements

KEY ESG is always up-to-date with CSRD requirements via the cloud

Flexible approach to evolving regulation

KEY ESG includes on demand support from our team of ESG experts

On-demand support from our ESG experts

Start your CSRD compliance strategy now!

Start identifying the processes and tools you will need so that the CSRD reporting deadline does not cause friction and inefficiency.

Learn more about CSRD

ESG regulations

Your need-to-know summary of ESG regulations and frameworks

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and The EU Taxonomy are the three need to know legislative pieces for ESG focused Financial Market Participants. They are all interconnected parts of the European Union's efforts to promote sustainable finance and combat climate change and greenwashing.

The European flag

3 things you need to know about the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Our ESG experts introduce the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) to our blog by setting out three important factors to consider.

How software can enable effective ESG management

How software can enable effective ESG management

In this paper, KEY ESG cofounders, Heleen van Poecke and Anne-Marie Schoonbeek, discuss how ESG software can help overcome the 6 most common challenges to successful ESG implementation and increase the impact of your ESG activities.

What are the benefits of effective ESG management?

What are the benefits of effective ESG management?

Effectively managing your company’s ESG performance allows you to unlock sustainable business value and helps to differentiate yourself from your competition.



Unlocking your sustainable advantage

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