EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

Accelerate your SFDR compliance

KEY ESG's software helps you with SFDR compliance through better ESG management. It streamlines data collection and reporting for all Principal Adverse Impact indicators (PAIs), making it easier to classify funds under SFDR Article 8/9 or to futureproof Article 6 funds.


Get ready for SFDR PAI disclosures now

Under new upcoming SFDR regulations, 2022 PAI data need to be disclosed from June 2023. This means that fund managers and portfolio companies need to start collecting PAI data now. KEY ESG's software equips them to collaborate better and tackle new SFDR disclosures by streamlining PAI data collection, calculation and reporting.

  • 100% of core and additional PAI covered
  • Integrated workflow management tool
  • Made for investors and portfolio companies
EU SFDR will require more quantitative data from fund managers

SFDR is hard. Let’s tackle it together.

Through our onboarding process, KEY ESG's software and experts support you as you take the first step. We guide you to collect and report the right PAI data for your firm and help you meet SFDR Article 8/9 disclosure requirements effortlessly.

  • Onboarding support with our customer success team
  • In-app guided data entry with explanations along the way
  • Always up-to-date methodology, based on the latest regulation changes Get started with PAIs
KEY ESG unique onboarding process helps you get started with PAIs

Save time and resources on your SFDR processes

KEY ESG's software reduces the data burden for your portfolio companies by making it easy for them to collect, calculate and report on their SFDR PAIs. It provides you with reliable, comparable and standardised SFDR PAI data sets, saving all parties time and resources.

  • Invite portcos and track submission status
  • Automated PAIs calculations
  • One-click reporting in PDF and CSV
  • Collaborative synced platforms for both fund managers and portcos
KEY ESG simplifies data collection processes and reduces the data burden on portfolio companies

Monitor all your PAIs in one place

KEY ESG's software provides fund managers with fund- and company-level analyses and dashboards, helping you track and improve portfolios' performance on key PAI indicators.

  • Get immediate and shareable dashboards
  • Benchmark performance against industry peers
  • Set target and track progress
  • Manage improvement initiatives
KEY ESG provides analyses and reports across your funds

Always stay up-to-date with the latest SFDR requirements

Our experts follow the latest SFDR developments for you, so you don’t have to. Our cloud-based software is continuously updated to reflect any changes and automatically applies them to your calculations.

KEY ESG cloud-based software is always up-to-date thanks to our experts

Why do fund managers choose KEY ESG for SFDR?

KEY ESG's software is made by private equity professionals for private equity professionals; but also for their portfolio companies. We understand their needs and challenges and strive to make ESG management accessible for all.

KEY ESG is secure and user-friendly

Secure and user-friendly interface

KEY ESG is a one-stop-shop for all PAI and SFDR data

One-stop-shop for all your PAIs

KEY ESG is always up-to-date with SFDR requirements via the cloud

Always up-to-date

KEY ESG includes on demand support from our team of ESG experts

On-demand support from our ESG experts

Classify funds under SFDR Article 8/9 now!

Start collecting, measuring, and tracking the right PAIs across your funds now with KEY ESG's software solution.

To learn more about SFDR, take a look at our SFDR Blog Series

Navigate the SFDR regulation confidently with our blog series written by ESG experts

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Why are fund managers choosing to opt for Article 8 classification? What is SFDR? And what does it mean to be classified under Article 8?

SFDR Blog Series: Introducing the Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs)

SFDR Blog Series: Introducing the Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs)

What is the impact of the SFDR Level 2 regulation for fund managers? What are Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs)? How can fund managers get ready to report PAIs?

This Annex contains the full list of PAIs along with their associated definitions.

SFDR Blog Series: A complete list of SFDR Principle Adverse Impact Indicators (PAIs)

What are the SFDR PAI indicators? This Annex contains the full list of PAIs along with their associated definitions.

SFDR Blog Series: Article 8 vs Article 9 Classification

SFDR Blog Series: Article 8 vs Article 9 Classification

Recent clarification on SFDR has meant that the differences between Article 8 & Article 9 are now more clear. We summarise these new developments.


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