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Decoding ESG management tools: A buyer's guide for Private Equity firms

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Decoding ESG management tools: A buyer's guide for Private Equity firms

In today's evolving regulatory environment, integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into your investment strategies isn't just a choice— it's a strategic imperative. As private equity firms navigate the complex terrain of ESG, finding the perfect ESG data management software becomes paramount.

Last year, we surveyed over 100 industry experts, ranging from GPs to portfolio companies, whose invaluable insights form the bedrock of this whitepaper. Our comprehensive ESG software buyer's guide aims to direct you through the ESG software selection process. Including over 50 carefully curated questions, this guide will enable you to understand the various offerings, and decide on the software that aligns with your firm’s particular needs.

Our team of ESG experts have identified 12 key areas that are essential to consider over the course of the buying process:

  1. Provider's DNA
  2. System setup & controls
  3. Support & user-friendliness
  4. Metrics & Key Performance Indicators
  5. Compliance & frameworks
  6. Data collection
  7. Carbon Accounting strength
  8. Data analysis & reporting
  9. Benchmarks
  10. Performance improvements & targets
  11. Customization & product development
  12. Audits & transparency

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