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2023 saw some significant developments in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) management and, in the wake of COP28, many investors and corporates are anticipating an equally fast-moving year in 2024. As industries adjust to new regulations, and as business leaders continue to invest in responsible processes, staying on top of these shifts is more important than ever before.

At KEY ESG, our experts work tirelessly to track legislative changes and actively contribute to ESG debates. We’ve put together a calendar of important event dates that anyone interested in ESG needs to be aware of.

Let us know if there are any we’ve missed!

ESG events in January

15th to 19th January: The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Location: Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
Audience: Governments, major international organisations, 1000 Forum’s Partners, civil society leaders, experts, youth representatives, social entrepreneurs, and news outlets.

The 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum is set to focus on ‘Rebuilding Trust’. With CSRD and IFRS having just come into effect, they are likely to be a central topic of discussion.

25th January: EDCI deep-dive and Q&A

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Audience: Benelux KEY ESG network.

KEY ESG is hosting a deep-dive and Q&A on the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI) for our Benelux ESG network on the 25th January 2024. Ben Baxter from Expand Research (a BCG Company) will provide an introduction to the EDCI and explore the learnings that can be taken from last year's benchmark data.

30th to 31st January: Real Deals ESG Conference 2024

Location: London, UK
Audience: Businesses, investors, policymakers, ESG experts, and private equity professionals.

KEY ESG is attending and sponsoring this two-day event. The Real Deals Conference brings together experts from across the ESG and private equity industries to share knowledge and best-practices on ESG strategy.

ESG events in February

6th February: ESG and Sustainability Reporting Conference

Location: London, UK
Audience: Business leaders, compliance officers, ESG and CSR professionals, audit professionals, CFOs, risk and investment managers, policy-makers, investors, and business advisors.

Firms are under an increased amount of pressure from investors, stakeholders, customers, and employees to disclose their ESG impact. As more and more larger corporations become legally obliged to report on ESG metrics, smaller firms are feeling the pressure to follow suit in order to compete. The ESG and Sustainability Reporting Conference helps businesses to prepare and ensure that they have the right skills and resources in place to deal with this demand.

12th to 14th February: GreenBiz 24

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Audience: Sustainable business professionals and leaders, including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, heads of legal, supply chain, human resources, and investor relations.

GreenBiz 24 will discuss what’s next in decarbonization, biodiversity, supply chains, and strategic communications. Best practices will be shared, and new solutions will be put forward.

20th to 21st February: The Responsible Investment Forum

Location: New York, USA
Audience: Private equity professionals.

The 8th Annual Responsible Investment Forum, organised by Private Equity International, brings together institutional investors, fund managers, and expert advisors to explore opportunities, gain valuable insights into what investors are looking for when allocating funds to private equity, and chart new courses for responsible investment strategies.

Key themes this year include: the impact of AI on ESG, dealing with the ESG backlash, and adopting a long-term vision of data. The KEY ESG team will be exhibiting at this event, so come and say hello if you’re there!

ESG events in March

Entire month of March: B Corp Month

Location: International
Audience: Individuals and businesses.  

B Corp Month celebrates the work of B Corp certified agencies. Certified B Corps are a network of businesses that balance profit with people and the planet – true pioneers of ESG best practices.

To become B Corp certified, companies are audited to ensure they meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It is not the easiest of processes, so when a company is B Corp certified, it is often publicised. 

March is a time for registered B Corp companies to shout about their accomplishments, so those looking to obtain a B Corp Certification in the future should seek to apply ahead of this month to make the most of the focus on this topic!

4th to 6th March: Economist Impact Sustainability Week and Energy Transition Summit

Location: London, UK
Audience: Businesses and investors interested in sustainability

This year, the 9th Annual Sustainability Week will incorporate the Energy Transition Summit (ETS). The Summit provides insights on reducing emissions and reducing environmental impact. With new how-to workshops, the CSO Leaders’ Club, and Action Hour sessions, alongside extensive networking opportunities and an exhibition, this is a key event for investors interested in sustainability.

12th to 13th of March: ISSB standards, TCFD and climate risk event with SFR Europe

Location: London, UK
Audience: Corporate preparers, asset managers, private equity fund managers

This event will cover hot topics regarding current TCFD reporting requirements, such as how the results are being utilised, and how IFRS S1 and S2 are likely to replace TCFD in the near future.  

19th March: ESG Focus: Sustainable Investment Strategy Summit 2024

Location: London, UK
Audience: Industry leaders and experts.  

The 4th Annual ESG Focus Summit returns to London in March 2024. Speakers will explore how leaders in the field have overcome challenges and prioritised ESG in their investments.

Delegates will learn about the latest trends and innovations in sustainable investment, new sustainable disclosure regulations, the role of ESG in the private markets, and the strategies decision-makers can implement to tackle biodiversity risks. 

20th to 21st of March: Investors’ forum – Invest Europe

Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Audience: LPs and GPs

The Investors’ Forum is Invest Europe’s flagship event, held in Geneva. It brings together over 400 LPs and GPs at a ratio of 1:1 as well as a handful of service providers. This event showcases the latest industry insights and data, and has excellent networking opportunities.  

26th to 27th March: Responsible Business USA

Location: New York, USA
Audience: Sustainability professionals.  

Reuters’ Responsible Business event brings together CEOs, senior sustainability professionals, legal, communications teams, and finance executives to share ideas and insights on how to collaborate, communicate, and comply with sustainability regulations.

In 2024, Reuters have stated that attendees can expect a “reinvigorated agenda” that will “put the integration of sustainability across the business at the core of strategy”. The agenda can be seen here.

ESG events in April

15th of April: PERE 2024 Decarbonisation conference

Location: London, UK
Audience: Asset owners, real estate investors, sustainability consultants, academics

Understand how asset owners are reducing portfolio carbon emissions to protect their investments and meet the sustainability consultants and technology innovators at the forefront of sustainability in real estate.

24th to 26th April: Impact Investing World Forum Conference  

Location: London, UK
Audience: Investment professionals  

With 25 speakers confirmed and with 200 delegates in attendance, the Impact Investing World Forum promises to be an excellent event. Take a look at the agenda here.

ESG events in May

14th May: Harvard Business School (HBS) ESG Tech event

Location: New York
Audience: HBS alumni, Business leaders, investors, sustainability professionals

KEY ESG is hosting an event in partnership with Harvard Business School to gather leaders across the tech, sustainability, business and investment sphere to engage in thoughtful discussion around the intersection of ESG and technology.

22nd to 23rd May: The Financial Times Moral Money Summit

Location: London, UK
Audience: Investors, corporate executives, and policymakers.  

The Financial Times Moral Money Summit Europe promises an in-depth exploration and discussion of key sustainability topics. This two-day event, packed with engaging debates, will focus on identifying strategies that can drive measurable impact and contribute to the development of more sustainable and equitable economies.

22nd to 24th May: Circularity 24

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Audience: Professionals in corporate strategy, sustainability product design, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and finance, as well as entrepreneurs, nonprofits, trade associations, investors, public agencies and policy experts.  

Circularity 24 discusses business innovation and strategy, policies, materials, next-gen products and packaging, social impact, and supply chains.

ESG events in June

June: Responsible Business Europe 2024

Location: London, UK
Audience: Decision-makers and other industry professionals.  

Responsible Business Europe 2024 looks at how companies can embrace sustainability across their organisation, go beyond CSRD compliance, and make the transition towards more sustainable practices.  

12th June: ESG FinTech Summit 2024  

Location: London, UK
Audience: ESG leaders, senior financial services professionals, and FinTech innovators.  

Organisations striving to achieve best practices in sustainability, social responsibility, and governance will be able to connect with strategic leaders who are overseeing the transition to net-zero and the department heads who are implementing ESG assessment and performance improvement across every function.  

Speakers will offer insights and advice with regards to strategies, processes, and technologies, and attendees will be able to connect with the world’s leading FinTech providers and learn more about their innovative solutions.

12th to 13th June: Sustainability Week US

Location: New York, USA, and online
Audience: Businesses, policymakers, and government officials.  

The 4th annual Sustainability Week event will bring together sustainability professionals from across a range of different industries to discuss challenges, laws, reporting rules, and new innovations.

This event will also be streamed online, and one-on-one meetings and exclusive closed-room sessions, such as the CSO Leaders’ Club, will offer valuable insights on how to tackle ESG challenges.

18th June: BVCA ESG Conference 2024

Location: London, UK
Audience: Businesses, investors, policymakers, and regulators.

This event will cover a range of ESG topics relevant to private capital, including social impact and how venture capitalists can improve their responsible investment practices. The KEY ESG team will be exhibiting and speaking at this event.

18th to 20th June: GreenFin 24

Location: New York, USA
Audience: Institutional investors, corporate finance and sustainability executives, financial institutions, and sustainable finance and investing policymakers.  

GreenFin 24 brings together a host of investors, representing over $60 trillion in assets under management and $4 trillion in assets owned, to discuss corporate finance and reporting, the current ESG landscape, and challenges posed by investors.

25th to 26th June: Reset Connect Summit

Location: London, UK
Audience: Businesses, investors, and innovators in sustainability.

The Reset Connect Summit is the UK's leading sustainability and net-zero event, and this year’s event coincides with Sustainability Week. KEY ESG will have a booth at the event, and we’ll be delivering a talk in the tech pad.

ESG events in July

9th to 11th July: Aspen Institute: Aspen ESG Summit

Location: Aspen, Colorado, USA
Audience: Business leaders, investors, corporate governance experts, and business regulators.

The Aspen ESG Summit 2024 seeks to offer ESG insights and facilitate dialogue among attendees with regards to a variety of different ESG topics. While many subjects will be covered, this year’s overarching theme is the Transformation Agenda.

ESG events in September

12th to 14th September: Economist Impact ESG & Climate Risk Week

Location: London, UK, and online
Audience: Businesses, investors, and policymakers.  

The 5th annual ESG and Climate Risk Week seeks to provide practical solutions to help firms with their climate disclosure.  

This event that convenes the whole market in one place: from institutional investors to financial services, as well as companies and solution providers. KEY ESG will be in attendance.

22nd to 29th September: Climate Week NYC

Location: New York, USA
Audience: Businesses, policymakers, and government officials.  

Climate Week takes place every year in partnership with the United Nations General Assembly and is run in coordination with the United Nations and the City of New York. The official programme brings together the most senior international figures from business, government, civil society, and the climate sector.

ESG events in October

October: Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP29

Dates, location, and events will be announced nearer the time.

9th to 10th October: Produrable

Location: Paris, France
Audience: Businesses and decision-makers.

Since 2007, Produrable has been the largest meeting in Europe for those in favour of the sustainable economy. Organised under the patronage of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, the Produrable event brings together 10,000 visitors, 650 speakers, more than 250 partners, and a community of 50,000 decision-makers.

29th to 30th of October: Responsible Investor Asia

Location: Singapore
Audience: Asset owners, managers, private equity funds

Hosted by Private Equity International, the RI conference will centre around discussions of the ESG context in Asia, biodiversity, voluntary and regulatory disclosures amongst other things.

29th to 31st October: Verge 24

Location: San Jose, California, USA
Audience: Businesses, policymakers, solution-providers, government officials, startups, and decision-makers.

Verge 24 is a climate tech event that looks to accelerate solutions for climate change, with a focus on buildings, carbon, energy, food, startups, and transportation.

Late October: ESG Investment North America 2024

Location: New York, USA
Audience: Senior decision-makers, institutional investors, policymakers, data providers, standard setters, banks, and businesses.

ESG Investment North America 2024 brings together individuals from a range of different sectors to share strategic insights, case studies, and practical solutions, enabling them to drive the ESG investment landscape forward.

Late October: Sustainable Investment Europe 2024

Location: London, UK
Audience: Senior decision-makers, institutional investors, policymakers, data providers, standard setters, banks, and businesses.

This Reuters event is entitled “From Complexity to Clarity: Unlocking ESG’s Investment Value and Delivering Real Impact.” The event promises to facilitate the exchange of strategic insights, case studies, and practical solutions to help firms set realistic targets and create efficient shareholder relationships.  

Late October: Net Zero Europe 2024

Location: London, UK
Audience: Senior decision-makers, institutional investors, policymakers, data providers, standard setters, banks, and businesses.

Another Reuters event, this time focused on efforts made towards reaching Net Zero.

Late October: Sustainability Reporting Europe 2024

Location: London, UK
Audience: Senior decision-makers, institutional investors, policymakers, data providers, standard setters, banks, and businesses.

This Reuters event is specifically geared towards CSRD compliance.

ESG events in November

November: KEY ESG’s Customer Conference

Location: London
Audience: KEY ESG stakeholders  

After the success of our first annual customer conference, we are planning our second. Similar to the first, it will feature presentations from our team as well as our partners and customers. There will also be discussions and demos, making the day as interactive as possible.

11th to 24th of November: UN Climate Change Conference (COP29)

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
Audience: Governments, policymakers, regulators, businesses, investors, civil society

The most important and all-encompassing global climate change event - The UN Climate Change Conference.  

20th to 21st of November: PEI Responsible Investment Forum

Location: London, UK
Audience: private equity fund managers, institutional investors

Discussions will centre around addressing climate change within a portfolio, regulatory changes, growth in impact investing, value creation in ESG and more.

27th to 28th of November: Climate Tech show

Location: London
Audience: Investors, media professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, government

Stakeholders of the climate tech industry gather at this conference and tradeshow to participate in two days of discussion, presentations, impact and business opportunities.  

If you would like to find out more about our events this year, contact a member of our team.

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