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KEY ESG announces its partnership with Formotion NV

Published: 8 Dec 2022 · Last updated: 8 Dec 2022

KEY ESG is pleased to announce its partnership with Formotion NV, a long-term private equity investor in the Energy Transition. KEY ESG will provide Formotion with the software tools to measure and manage their ESG processes and performance both at the fund as well as at the portfolio company level. The partnership will enable ForMotion automate and scale their ESG processes so that they can more effectively support management teams on mitigating ESG risks and capturing ESG opportunities.

Didier Ryelandt, CFO of Formotion N.V. commented “We were looking for a partner that can ensure that our portfolio companies are measuring and tracking their ESG performance in line with current industry best practices. Although most management teams recognize the need for effective ESG management, the changing regulatory landscape and the fact that ESG KPI’s are relatively new to most management teams make it challenging for them to do this without support. We wanted to make sure that we build these processes around a system that can automate and scale our ESG activities as we’ve observed that the manual work involved in creating ESG reports often drains resources that are better spent focusing on improving ESG performance. With current and pending regulations such as the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) , EU Taxonomy and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) we also wanted to make sure that we could rely on a provider that was continuously updating its software for changes in regulations. In KEY ESG we have found a software partner that understands the unique challenges and needs of investment managers as well as company management teams. With their software solution we can automate and scale ESG data collection, metric calculation and reporting processes, allowing us to focus our time and energy on driving real improvement in ESG performance across our portfolio over time.”

Anne-Marie Schoonbeek, COO of KEY ESG said: “We are delighted to supercharge ForMotion NV’s ESG processes by equipping them with a centralised platform that enables them to manage ESG across their portfolio. We will support ForMotion’s portfolio companies to systematically collect the ESG data they need to comply with existing and pending regulations and to satisfy other stakeholders’ demands on ESG transparency. Providing both the fund manager as well as the portfolio companies with insights on their ESG performance is crucial to help them manage towards real change and have a positive impact on the environment and society”.

If you also want to join the companies who are already automating and improving their ESG processes thanks to KEY ESG,

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