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KEY ESG recognised in the Global ESGFinTech100 List

Published: 28 Sep 2022 · Last updated: 19 Jul 2023

On 28th October 2022, the Global ESGFinTech100 list acknowledged the world’s most innovative tech companies working to help financial institutions to meet their ESG objectives. KEY ESG has been recognised as a key player in the ESG management field.


Climate risk, ESG assessment, sustainability, social responsibility, and governance have all become hot topics for financial institutions, and many firms have developed creative strategies to rise to the challenges they present. The ESGFinTech100 list identifies the tech companies that are paving the way and setting the standard for ESG management in the financial sector.

ESG performance has increasingly influenced asset allocation decisions. ESG investment reached an impressive $1.17bn in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 173% over the last two years (source: Fintech Global). Emerging ESG disclosure requirements are expected to drive further demand for smart solutions that help financial institutions and investors to measure ESG metrics and back up sustainability targets and claims.

FinTech Global director, Richard Sachar, stated that:

“Banks that adopt ESG across their business model will be better positioned to engage and retain clients over the coming years. This can turn into a competitive advantage – and a source of new revenue streams.”

He added that:

"The ESGFinTech100 list helps senior management filter through all the solution providers in the market by highlighting the most innovative ESG tech companies in areas such as ESG Assessment & Reporting, Regulatory Change Management, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening and Banking & Investment products”.

FinTech Global carried out research on over 500 different tech companies. The insights gathered were reviewed by a panel of industry experts and analysts. KEY ESG was recognised for its innovative use of technology in resolving one of the most significant problems within the industry – ESG management and reporting. The company’s intuitive software has revolutionised the ways in which firms operating across a range of different sectors measure, report and improve on ESG metrics.

Anne-Marie Schoonbeek, co-founder and COO at KEY ESG commented that:

“We’re constantly striving to adapt and develop our software to make ESG management as simple as possible for our client base. We’d like to thank the panel for awarding us this accolade - their acknowledgement reinforces the relevance of our mission to make ESG management efficient for all companies!”

Heleen van Poecke, co-founder and CEO at KEY ESG added:

“We’re honoured to have been selected to the ESGFinTech 100. We believe smart solutions can help drive ESG adoption across the financial sector and are proud to build products that support that endeavour.”

A full list of all of the top ESGFinTech100 companies can be found at

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. More detailed information about the firms that made the list can be downloaded from the website.

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