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On-demand webinar

On-demand webinar - Confidently navigate the SFDR regulation with KEY ESG

Event Date:
June 1, 2022
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KEY ESG tells you everything you need to know about SFDR

To support fund managers in navigating the complex SFDR regulation, KEY ESG hosted, in June 2022, a series of webinars dedicated to SFDR. You can now watch it in full in the link below and learn more about the policy, PAIs, and how carefully designed ESG data processes can help you achieve SFDR compliance more easily.

Learn more about SFDR

This webinar covers:

  • SFDR requirements and what it means for fund managers
  • The challenges brought by this regulation for fund managers, investee companies, and real estate assets
  • Article 6, 8 or 9: which strategy for your fund?
  • The often-overlooked Principal Adverse Impacts: what they are and how to comply with them
  • How fund managers can anticipate SFDR Level 2 by leveraging their 2022 data sets
  • The role of ESG data software in compliance efforts

This webinar was hosted by KEY ESG's very own ESG experts:

Anne-Marie Schoonbeek

Co-Founder and COO

Ex-McKinsey and ESG thought leader in XBRL's ESG working group

Harry Llewellyn

ESG Analyst

Leading the implementation of ESG regulations into KEY ESG's software

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