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On-demand webinar

On-demand webinar - How GPs and portcos can achieve data granularity in ESG

Event Date:
February 1, 2023
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How GPs and portcos can achieve data granularity in ESG

KEY ESG surveyed over 100 industry participants and identified the main issues when it comes to ESG data gathering, the appetite for improved data access and where the areas for greatest improvement may lie. In this webinar our experts share the findings of our latest report "Making it material - Granularity in ESG reporting" and show GPs and portcos can concretely achieve ESG data granularity.

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90% of portfolio companies assessed for the study claimed to be unsure how to report on ESG

80% of fund managers now see ESG questions integrated into Due Diligence questionnaires at exit

This 45min webinar covers:

  • The key findings from our 100+ interviews with industry professionals
  • The benefits of material ESG data, from DD to exit
  • How GPs and their portcos can concretely access more granular ESG data
  • How software can improve data access
  • Q&A

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