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Collect all your ESG data in one place and start learning from it

Whether you need help with how to get started, or want to improve your existing ESG performance, KEY ESG software is your guiding light through all stages of your journey towards sustainability, from measurements to insights.

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Our end-to-end software addresses the common challenges of ESG management

Establish your course of action

Establish your course of action

KEY ESG software adopts a modular approach, using established frameworks to guide users to select the right metrics for them.

KEY ESG saves you time so you can focus on creating value

Focus on what matters most to your business

With KEY ESG, you spend less time collecting data and more time creating value and improving your ESG strategy.

KEY ESG software provides actionable insights

Get comparable insights with a bias to action

KEY ESG software provides you with clear insights, revealing risks and opportunities to help your team set actionable targets for the future.

KEY ESG aids companies across all stages of their ESG journey

Automate your ESG data collection processes

Our intuitive software integrates all of the relevant ESG frameworks and guides you towards the metrics that are most relevant to your business. Data collection across the organisation is automated and centralised for each metric.

  • Includes leading frameworks: GRI, SASB, UN PRI, TCFD, SFDR, EDCI, UN SDG and GHG Protocol
  • Centralises large amounts of data with multiple users' inputs and CSV file uploading
  • Ensures data lineage and supports auditing exercises with source material uploading
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Measure your performance in real time

Have confidence in your assertions. As a cloud-based solution, KEY ESG software is always kept up-to-date on the latest regulations, meaning you can rest assured that data is being recorded accurately and methodologies are being applied consistently.

  • Standardises measurements by running consistent calculations in line with selected methodologies
  • Generates Excel reports that show all data inputs, calculations applied, and resulting ESG performance
  • Stays up-to-date with the latest regulations and frameworks via the cloud
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Analyse your performance and benchmark your results

Our dashboard allows managers to store, track, and create visualisations in order to accurately interpret ESG data and aid in decision-making. Peer benchmarks can be used as points of comparison, and risk and opportunity insights facilitate better target-setting processes.

  • See how you compare over time and against others with consistent and comparable metrics
  • View automatic summaries with visualisations for all of your metrics, which include references to the relevant external frameworks
  • Tell your ESG story effectively with sharable and impactful dashboard visuals, which adhere to the principles of data visualisation science
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Own your narrative

Take control of your ESG narrative with ready-to-publish reporting templates that adhere to industry-leading standards. Our ESG experts ensure your metric reporting methods are in line with new developments in the field, so you can communicate your performance with confidence.

  • Always control your ESG narrative with ready-to-go ESG reports
  • Communicate your message effectively by tailoring reports to your audience and only sharing the most impactful information
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Better processes and improved performance

The KEY ESG Company Platform also includes a one-stop-shop for useful policy templates and best practice guidance, making it easy to implement best-in-class ESG management processes.

  • Optimise ESG management processes with templates and best practices designed by experts
  • Always look to improve with automatically generated "ESG improvement initiatives" reports
  • Set targets and track your company's progress towards them
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Take the first step

Why KEY ESG is the tool of choice for business users

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We stay on top of ESG best practices

KEY ESG platform helps you design your ESG program. You learn how to stay on par with your peers and follow industry best practices.

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We understand your business needs

KEY ESG's software was built with the business user in mind, and we'll help you fit ESG in with your ongoing business objectives.

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We show you the best course of action

KEY ESG experts provide onboarding support to both GPs and portfolio companies, guiding them from selecting the right metrics to tracking them.



Unlocking your sustainable advantage

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