Effective ESG management - from Due Diligence to Exit

KEY ESG software saves private equity firms, general partners, and portfolio companies time and resources by automating and scaling ESG management across the investment cycle.

KEY ESG is ideal for GPs and Private Equity professionals

KEY ESG supports general partners and portfolio companies alike to implement effective ESG strategies, regardless of where they are on their ESG journey

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Save time and resources on your ESG processes

KEY ESG streamlines and automates complex ESG workflows, saving you both time and resources.

  • Improves communication between fund managers and portfolio companies through secure invites
  • Optimises your workflow through status overviews of your portfolio companies
  • Enables messaging between fund managers and portfolio companies directly through the app
KEY ESG smart invitation workflow saves time

Don't just manage your ESG, use it to thrive

KEY ESG not only processes your data for you, it also offers actionable insights through its intuitive dashboard. Our software offers you all the perks of having an in-house ESG expert.

  • No more inconsistent measurements across your portfolio! Keep everyone on the same page by harmonising your portfolio metrics
  • An overview of your portfolio's ESG performance can be sorted with various search filters. Slice and dice your data however you see fit!
  • Set targets for fund managers and/or portfolio companies to ensure everyone works towards the same goal
KEY ESG portfolio dashboard gives insight to GPs and fund managers

Automatically scale repeatable processes across your portfolio

With KEY ESG, there's no need to reinvent your ESG processes as your business develops. Our ESG software allows you to implement the same metrics, methodologies and policies across the board as your portfolio evolves, offering each company tailored advice regardless of where they are on their journey towards sustainability.

  • Discover best practices and tailored templates for effective ESG management across your portfolio
  • Generate PDF reports and view expert-endorsed improvement initiatives
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ESG tools for Private Equity Professionals

Collect your ESG data with KEY ESG software solution


Data collection procedures are automated and support is provided by our team of professionals.

Measure your ESG data with KEY ESG software solution


Leading methodologies, such as SFDR and EDCI, are used to standardise measurements across your portfolio.

Report your ESG performance with KEY ESG software solution


Your ESG performance can be reviewed, tracked or shared at the click of a button, with peer benchmarks available to see where you rank.

KEY ESG was built by PE professionals for PE professionals. We understand GPs' and portfolio companies' needs and challenges. Our software makes ESG fit in with ongoing business objectives.
Heleen van Poecke, KEY ESG CEO and Anne-Marie Schoonbeek, KEY ESG COO

Heleen van Poecke, KEY ESG CEO

Want to learn more?

KEY ESG helps GPs to streamline workflows for all companies in their portfolio

KEY ESG Platform ecosystem

KEY ESG Fund Manager Platform

The KEY ESG Fund Manager Platform distributes ESG questionnaires to all of your portfolio companies. This allows you to track the status of all companies in your portfolio, granting you access to comparable ESG data and insights

Discover more

KEY ESG Company Manager Platform

Company managers can upload firm ESG data and access ESG performance dashboards for their specific business. For private equity firms, this data is then automatically fed back to the Portfolio Platform.

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