KEY ESG Fund Manager Platform

Save time by automating ESG processes at each stage of the investment cycle

When performed manually, ESG fund management is resource-intensive, time-consuming, and can lead to non-uniform measurements that impede your ability to draw accurate comparisons. KEY ESG Fund Manager Platform automates, standardises, and speeds up your ESG processes so that you can focus on improvement and value creation.

Key ESG software with multi-colours

Our end-to-end software addresses the common challenges of ESG management

Establish your course of action with KEY ESG

Establish your course of action

KEY ESG software adopts a modular approach, using established frameworks to help general partners select the metrics that matter most to their portfolio.

Comparable insights with a bias to action

Comparable insights with a bias to action

Our software collates your data and provides comparable and actionable insights, revealing potential risks and opportunities and helping you set targets.

KEY ESG saves you time so you can focus on creating value

Free up time and focus on value creation

With our software on hand to collate data and optimise communication with portfolio companies, you can focus on what's important - value creation.

The end-to-end platform that accompanies you throughout your portfolio's ESG journey

Invite companies and track your portfolio

KEY ESG Fund Manager simplifies your workflows by sending out automated data requests and reminders to all companies within your portfolio.

  • Save time and resources by automating Due Diligence ESG questionnaire processes
  • Securely control and track data request invites through the request dashboard
  • Keep your ESG dialogue between fund managers and portfolio companies all in one place with in-app messaging
  • Includes leading ESG standards from GRI, SASB, TCFD and UN SDGs
  • Includes carbon footprinting capabilities for your portfolio companies, aligned with GHG protocol
  • Optimized for investor ESG frameworks as the ESG Data Convergence Initiative and SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation)

Analyse risk management with the sustainability accounting standards board

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Standardise high quality data

Each portfolio company accesses KEY ESG's Company Platform and submits its raw ESG data through an intuitive step-by-step process. Source materials can be uploaded to create an audit trail. The same methodologies apply across the entire portfolio, meaning that data is standardised and centralised, forming a single source of truth and creating reliable audit trials. ESG metrics can therefore be easily compared across different portfolio companies.

  • Access standardised emission conversion factors, calculations, and methodologies across your portfolio to ensure that your comparisons make sense
  • Download Excel outputs to review data input, conversion factors, methodologies, and resulting ESG performance by site, country and company
  • Safeguard your data and control access through data encryption, SOC 2 compliance standards, and user permission restrictions
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Access comparable performance analysis across your portfolio

Detect opportunities, areas of risk, and any gaps in your portfolio's ESG performance with the KEY ESG Fund Manager Dashboard.

  • Slice and dice data to your specification
  • Access aggregated and easy-to-interpret visualisations of your overall portfolio's performance
  • Compare performance across your portfolio through standardised charts for each metric and company
  • Access industry benchmarks to compare your performance vs. your peers, with over 2,000 private companies' included
  • Tell your ESG story effectively with sharable and impactful dashboard visuals, which adhere to the principles of data visualisation science
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Improve performance and unlock value

Harness the value of improved ESG performance. KEY ESG Fund Manager gives you the tools you need to incorporate ESG into your successful program portfolio strategy.

  • Access sustainable finance or appeal to sustainable minded LPs through your improved ESG program
  • Set targets, then hit them by establishing specific metric targets for portfolio companies and/or the Fund Manager
  • Optimise your ESG management processes across your portfolio with a toolkit of templates and best practices designed by experts
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Report and communicate

Easily track your progress in comparison to targets and benchmarks. Our software showcases the value created by your ESG performance data, generating reports for internal board packs instantaneously, along with LP update data.

  • Ensure you always control your ESG narrative with ready-to-go ESG reports that aid your communication with stakeholders and optimise your business model
  • Communicate your ESG efforts and message effectively by tailoring reports to your audience and only sharing the most impactful information
  • Save time by adhering to investor frameworks adopted by the industry and integrated into the KEY ESG software
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Why KEY ESG is the tool of choice for private equity professionals and their portfolio companies

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We stay on top of ESG best practices

KEY ESG software will show you how to maintain your portfolio's competitive advantage and stay on top of new developments in the field.

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We understand your business needs

KEY ESG software was built by PE professionals who understand GPs' and portfolio companies' needs and challenges. We help you fit ESG in with your ongoing business objectives, aligning with environmental factors and reporting processes, while helping you to understand what you need to do to break into capital markets.

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We show you the best course of action

KEY ESG experts provide onboarding support to both GPs and portfolio companies, helping them to select the right metrics in line with global reporting initiatives, assisting them in creating the perfect investment strategy, and showing them how to track their progress.

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Discover the KEY ESG platform ecosystem, tailored for PE professionals

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KEY ESG Company Platform

KEY ESG COMPANY Platform enables companies to measure, manage and report their ESG performance from the very start of their ESG journey.

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How PE professionals use KEY ESG

KEY ESG software saves GPs and Portfolio Companies time and resources by automating and scaling ESG management across the investment cycle


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