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MAAS Aviation improves CDP ranking with KEY ESG

“KEY ESG has got a very granular range of metrics and data values which means that it is versatile enough to handle the complexities of MAAS Aviation’s reporting requirements.”

Yuriy Bolonny, ESG Officer

About MAAS Aviation

MAAS Aviation is a leading provider of aircraft painting serving a global customer base which includes OEM manufacturers, airline operators and leasing companies from a network of aircraft paint shops in the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania and the USA. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and paints approximately 500 aircraft per year.

The challenge: how to address a dizzying matrix of ESG and carbon reporting demands

Over the past few years, ESG management has become an integral part of MAAS Aviation’s strategy, is central to its operations and revenue generation and is considered a value driver for the business. MAAS has a complex range of governing bodies, customers and investors who require a broad range and depth of ESG and carbon disclosure. These include the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI) and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) for their investors, Egeria Capital and additional waste management metrics which they manage for internal improvement purposes.

The company operates to internationally recognised standards EN9100, ISO9001 and ISO14001. All of the company’s facilities are ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified and are designed to manage process waste and water usage responsibly and sustainably.

Prior to using KEY ESG, MAAS Aviation conducted all of its data gathering for this reporting using excel spreadsheets for each of its global sites across multiple geographies from Europe to US. It was a challenge to collect data across such divergent geographies involving multiple teams. The process involved a lot of email back-and-forth and manual interventions which were time consuming.

The solution: turning “overwhelming” into “automated”

Yuriy Bolonny, who leads ESG at MAAS Aviation, describes the KEY ESG platform as “easy to use and intuitive”. He said that “using KEY ESG software has significantly eased the burden of MAAS Aviation’s data collection and reporting.”

Following a short onboarding call with KEY ESG’s customer success and carbon emission reporting experts, MAAS Aviation’s teams located across its international network were able to login to the system to upload and share data.

The centralised platform automates the data collection and calculation process and removes the need for manual calculations. The advanced workflow functionality supports real time progress tracking across all sites and data categories which has significantly reduced the need for multiple check-in engagements thus freeing up time. Furthermore, through the live feed connection the ESG team can directly add comments to the data to provide context and explanation.

Mr Bolonny describes his experience using the platform:

“KEY ESG has got a very granular range of metrics and data values which means that it is versatile enough to handle the complexities of MAAS Aviation’s reporting requirements.”

“Collecting and storing ESG data on KEY ESG’s platform enables MAAS to leverage centralised ESG data to satisfy a wide variety of regulatory and other stakeholder requirements (such as CDP, EDCI and SFDR). The KEY ESG smart library also automatically recognises duplicate data points across frameworks to save us time and ensure consistency across our filings.

"KEY ESG saves the business operations team time and contributes to a more streamlined and cost-effective solution and at the same time delivers consistency and an auditable data set.”

ESG performance data is easily exported into reports which can then be manipulated as the user requires to facilitate targeted and data-driven discussions regarding ESG improvements and cost-saving initiatives.

The built-in analytics enables the user to conduct analysis to reveal which sites are below average and set priorities in a CO2 reduction strategy.

Next steps: “keeping a finger on the pulse”

Using the data which is collated and analysed on the KEY ESG platform, MAAS Aviation has implemented a number of processes and technologies designed to reduce waste and energy consumption to contribute to its sustainability obligations to stakeholders. The KEY system provides data in real time which allows real time tracking and early interventions to steer the company’s sustainability agenda.

Yuriy Bolonny, MAAS Aviation’s ESG Officer, says he is “looking forward to next year’s reporting” and is aiming to do monthly data collection so he can “keep a finger on the pulse” and gain more insight into anomalies in consumption and resolve them immediately.

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