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KEY ESG software facilitates improved customer relations and a data-driven conversation around sustainability priorities for Resolve Surgical Technologies

“KEY ESG has increased the transparency and collaboration of our sustainability reporting process. We have moved away from disconnected data sheets saved in various locations, to a single source of truth platform which enables us to form a clear action plan.”

Chris Roose, Senior R&D Manager

About Resolve Surgical Technologies

Resolve Surgical Technologies (legally incorporated as Pioneer Surgical Technologies Inc.) is a unique Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) operating in the healthcare industry. Resolve provides services to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) companies, allowing them to bring healthcare products to market faster than traditional methods.

Resolve was founded 30 years ago and is a leading player in its market. The company is based in the US with over 250 employees and head quartered in Michigan. A large part of Resolve’s offering and ability to provide value to its customers is derived from the identification and reduction of sustainability risks and adopting action plans to maximise sustainability opportunities. Using KEY ESG’s centralised platform to gather sustainability data from across the organisation enables them to analyse and operationalise their data and drive value for customers.

The challenge: manual systems leading to poor collaboration and inefficiency

Resolve Surgical Technologies collects data on 21 sustainability metrics (57 data points), some of which are required by their investors, Montagu, as part of their Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) reporting. With KEY ESG’s custom metric creator, Resolve is also able to craft its own narrative around sustainability and impact. As a result, Resolve tracks a number of custom metrics on topics such as biodiversity, cyber security, data protection and supply chain management as these are particularly relevant for companies operating in the healthcare sector.

Prior to KEY ESG, in order to track and measure these metrics, Resolve was using excel sheets which their Senior R&D Manager, Chris Roose, described as “less than collaborative”. The additional challenge was that Resolve didn’t have the resources in house to tackle the complexities of some of the required metrics. There was both a knowledge gap and a capacity shortage which was resulting in patchy, inaccurate sustainability data and time wastage.

The solution: KEY ESG provides a collaborative platform which delivers accuracy and efficiency

KEY ESG’s software enables the Resolve team to collaborate much more effectively on their sustainability data collection and reporting.

One key benefit of using KEY ESG is the automation of data calculations which ensures that metric calculations are accurate, with the right methodology being consistently applied. The data is displayed on a centralised platform where analysis can be carried out. Moreover, data gatherers from across the organisation can include their comments and rationale on data collection. These comments are then listed in one comprehensive audit trail which details the methodologies and data conversion factors used.

The in-platform reporting module enables Resolve to view their year-on-year and site-by-site progression. Chris Roose, Senior R&D Manager, describes Resolve’s sustainability analysis now they use KEY ESG:

“Resolve Surgical Technologies can now have a data-driven conversation around its sustainability priorities. We have moved away from disconnected data sheets saved in various locations, to a single source of truth platform which enables us to form a clear action plan.”

He goes on: “KEY ESG has increased the transparency and collaboration of our sustainability reporting process. I love the platform and can imagine it’s very helpful for Montagu to have all their portfolio companies on one platform.”

Another additional commercial outcome of using KEY ESG’s centralised platform is that Resolve now has most of the data required for their customers’ sustainability questionnaires in one, audited location. More and more of their customers are asking for sustainability questionnaires so having a database of centralised data saves time and is very valuable in building customer trust.

What’s next: Resolve is setting targets to improve

Resolve Surgical Technologies is looking forward to its feedback round with Montagu where they will set improvement targets for next year and beyond. The team are also going to maximise their use of KEY ESG’s platform by creating a custom questionnaire for their customers’ main questions. This will then enable them to have a one-click exportable survey which they can share with their customers to address the most significant sustainability queries with efficiency and speed. Resolve’s management team are looking forward to the resulting improvement in customer relations that this improved questionnaire process will result in.

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