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KEY ESG selected in Fintech Global's top 100 ESG fintech companies for the second consecutive year

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KEY ESG re-selected for FinTechGlobal’s top 100 ESG fintech companies for second consecutive year

We’re proud to announce that KEY ESG, a leading provider of ESG management software, has been included in Fintech Global’s ESG FINTECH100 list for the second year running.

What is FINTECH100?

FinTech Global’s ESG FINTECH100 list is an annual ranking that showcases the top 100 ESG technology companies working in the financial services industry, celebrating innovation and impact in the fintech sector.

The list serves as a benchmark for global innovation and excellence in a rapidly evolving sector. Companies that are selected for the list are chosen by a panel of experts for their contributions towards revolutionising the industry through disruptive technologies and innovative solutions.

FinTech Global's director, Richard Sachar, commented:

"With the impending deadline of ESRS and many other ESG regulations currently in the works around the world, it is clear that ESG is not a passing phase. Pressures are only going to increase for financial institutions, and greenwashing will bring financial and reputational damage.

The ESG FinTech100 roster helps senior management to identify the ESG tech companies that are leading the pack. The detailed company profiles provide insights into how solutions work, the problems they solve, operational regions and much more.This is an essential guide for any firm committed to meet net zero targets.”

How were the ESG FINTECH100 businesses chosen?

This year’s selection process has been rigorous. The FinTech panel – made up of industry experts and analysts – reviewed over 500 ESG technology companies.

The panel began by conducting a detailed analysis of the ESG solutions offered in the financial services industry. Candidates that met the necessary requirements were shortlisted, along with those who had been specifically nominated. Data was collected, and the panel held in-depth interviews and surveys with the founders and CEOs of each of the shortlisted companies, before determining which companies had gone above and beyond the criteria, and could therefore be classified as ESG innovation leaders.

This accolade highlights KEY ESG’s unwavering commitment to driving sustainability and ethical governance, recognising our successful track record in providing scalable and efficient ESG solutions that empower businesses to make informed, responsible decisions.

The Journey So Far

Over the past year, we’ve expanded our global reach and have enhanced our software capabilities exponentially. Our client base has grown by an impressive 300%, and we’ve partnered with industry leaders such as Pollen Street Capital, Climate Investment and Aukera Energy.

Our software offering now includes compliance solutions for all the major regulations and frameworks such as CSRD and IFRS. We recently launched a new “Improve” module which means that clients can set targets and action plans to achieve their ESG goals. Our software now integrates will all major business applications and automates the data collection and reporting processes – this significantly reduces the time and resource spent on manual tasks.

To be selected for the ESG FINTECH100 list for the second year running underscores the huge strides that our team have taken towards delivering a world-class ESG solution.

The full ESG FINTECH100 list can be found here.


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