Top 10 ESG reporting software providers for businesses

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Top 10 ESG reporting software providers for businesses

ESG reporting has become an essential business practice.

At its core, it’s the disclosure of environmental, social, and corporate governance data with the purpose of shedding light on a company's sustainable activities. But it also improves investor transparency and inspires other organisations to make more positive environmental and social impacts.

There is a variety of software available that’s designed to help with this reporting. KEY ESG’s software, such as our Company Platform, simplifies reporting and improves transparency and compliance. If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reporting software for businesses.

Table of Contents

●     What is ESG Software?

●     Top 10 ESG Reporting Software Solutions

●     Why Businesses Need ESG Software

●     Elevate Your ESG Reporting

What is ESG Software?

ESG reporting (also known as sustainability reporting) is a report published by a company that shares data to make its environmental, social and governance impacts transparent.

The data can be complicated; that's why many companies use ESG software to keep track of data and produce reports. This software manages and reports on environmental, social, and governance initiatives. The significant features of such software include:

  1. Metric Selection: Choose relevant ESG metrics aligning with goals and standards.
  2. Data Collection: Gather ESG data from diverse sources.
  3. Real-Time Tracking: Monitor ESG metrics continuously for up-to-date insights.
  4. Compliance with Regulations: Ensure adherence to ESG reporting standards and regulations.
  5. Performance Analysis: Analyse ESG performance, pinpoint improvement areas, and track progress.

ESG software facilitates corporate responsibility, ensuring compliance with ethical standards and regulations. It helps organisations address societal and environmental challenges, promoting sustainable and ethical business practices.

Top 10 ESG reporting software solutions

The top 10 ESG reporting tools excel in managing sustainability, social, and governance metrics. These tools enhance transparency, compliance, and societal impact, addressing diverse organisational needs.

  1.  KEY ESG

KEY ESG is a leading software in ESG management, expertly designed to simplify the complex process of ESG reporting for investors and companies.

The software allows users to choose ESG metrics from a library of regulation-specific metrics based on over 1,000 data points or create any custom metric required. It also allows users to send out data requests and reminders to colleagues if there is any missing data. With the data in hand, the software automates and validates the data calculations, produces charts and tables to measure and analyse performance, enables target setting and tracks real-time progress.

KEY ESG’s platform simplifies ESG reporting, ensuring compliance and transparency. Visit KEY ESG's website for more information here, and for a deeper understanding of how software enables effective ESG management, explore this article.

  1.  Novata

Novata offers comprehensive ESG software for environmental, social, and governance management for private equity and venture capital firms. Its platform simplifies reporting and supports corporate responsibility. The tool promotes a balanced approach to sustainability. Its user-friendly interface enhances transparency and efficiency in ESG data management. Novata is a good option for businesses looking to integrate ESG into their strategies.

For more information, visit Novata's website here.

  1.  SustainIQ

SustainIQ offers advanced ESG management for organisations with real-time tracking and analysis. It enables organisations to gather, monitor, and instantly analyse ESG data. The software simplifies ESG reporting and tracks various metrics. Its focus on immediate data helps businesses make informed, ethical decisions. SustainIQ supports proactive sustainability management. It's a helpful tool for companies aiming for a positive impact. The platform aids in aligning business practices with environmental and social goals. SustainIQ is a good option for modern, responsible business operations.

Learn more about SustainIQ.

  1. Workiva

Workiva excels in versatile and adaptable ESG reporting for different businesses. Its platform integrates seamlessly with various organisational frameworks. The tool simplifies ESG reporting for diverse company needs. It enables effective ESG data management for all business sizes. Workiva promotes transparency and accountability in ESG practices. Its approach is tailored to each organisation's unique ESG demands. Explore more about Workiva on their website.

  1. Diligent

Diligent's ESG platform serves organisations of all sizes. It provides tailored solutions for diverse business structures and requirements. Diligent boosts efficiency and effectiveness in sustainability practices, and its versatility makes it valuable for enhancing ESG reporting for a range of industries. It's ideal for any organisation focused on ESG improvement.

Learn more about Diligent.

  1. Benchmark ESG

Benchmark ESG is renowned for its focus on benchmarking and alignment with global ESG standards. The software lets organisations assess their ESG performance against benchmarks. It ensures compliance with standards, boosts sustainability competitiveness and helps identify areas for improvement. The platform aids in strategic planning for ESG enhancement. It promotes a culture of ongoing development. This aligns with international sustainability expectations. The tool is key for advancing ESG practices. This approach is crucial for companies aiming to stay at the forefront of ESG performance.Explore Benchmark ESG further on their website.

  1. Novisto

Novisto excels in integrating diverse ESG data sources, offering a comprehensive platform for effective ESG management. Its software streamlines the collection and analysis of ESG data from various sources, providing a cohesive view of a company's sustainability performance. This integration is key in ensuring that businesses have a complete and accurate understanding of their ESG impact. Novisto's tool simplifies managing complex ESG data. It enhances accurate reporting for organisations. The tool aids in making informed sustainability decisions.

Discover more about Novisto on their website.

  1. Ecometrica

Ecometrica is known for its focus on climate impact metrics. It helps businesses calculate scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions and comply with regulations. Their platform ensures effective environmental initiative management. Ecometrica aligns these initiatives with broader business goals. The platform is user-friendly, even for environmental reporting novices. It simplifies the reporting process for all users.

For more information, visit the Ecometrica website.

  1. Sametrica

Sametrica excels in providing real-time tracking and actionable insights for ESG reporting. The platform lets businesses closely monitor their ESG performance. It provides timely and actionable insights. This allows quick responses to changes. Companies can make data-driven decisions. Sametrica excels in simplifying complex ESG data. It turns data into understandable, actionable information. This empowers continuous improvement in sustainability practices. Discover more about Sametrica.

  1. Apiday

Apiday provides comprehensive ESG reporting solutions. It streamlines the ESG reporting process for improved efficiency. The software offers tools for capturing and analysing ESG data. It also supports reporting requirements for most ESG regulations and frameworks. Apiday's approach ensures compliance with ESG standards. It helps organisations gain insights into sustainability performance. This makes ESG management more effective for businesses. Learn more about Apiday.

Why businesses need ESG software

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is vital in business, emphasising sustainable practices. As businesses focus more on responsibility and sustainability, ESG software becomes key for managing and reporting in these areas. It helps align companies with best practices and stakeholder expectations.

1.  Compliance and Reporting

ESG software is crucial for meeting environmental, social, and governance standards. It simplifies data collection, enabling accurate and transparent reporting. The software's adaptability keeps businesses up-to-date with evolving regulations. It eases complex compliance requirements. ESG software is a key tool for businesses prioritising high ESG standards, without compromising profitability. It helps maintain regulatory compliance while managing sustainability goals.

2.  Risk management

ESG software is essential for risk management in environmental, social, and governance areas. It helps businesses identify potential risks. The software also assists in assessing these risks and enables efficient risk mitigation strategies. The tool provides insights into ESG-related challenges. This helps companies be proactive and responsible. Effective ESG risk management improves reputation and also enhances business stability. ESG software is a vital part of modern business strategies.

3.  Stakeholder engagement and reputation management

ESG software is crucial for fostering positive stakeholder relationships, a key aspect of successful business operations. It allows businesses to accurately measure and communicate their impact on communities and the environment. The software facilitates transparent and authentic engagement with stakeholders, enhancing reputation management. This ability to showcase a company's commitment to social and environmental responsibilities strengthens stakeholder trust and loyalty. In today's conscientious market, ESG software's role in building and maintaining positive stakeholder relations is invaluable, making it a vital component in the strategic toolkit of businesses.

4.  Operational efficiency and cost saving

ESG software significantly contributes to operational efficiency and cost savings in businesses. Streamlining processes and optimising resource use reduces operational complexities and expenses. The software gives actionable insights for informed decisions. This leads to more efficient resource use. As businesses grow, the software scales to meet their needs. It adapts while keeping efficiency. It helps reduce costs immediately. It also supports long-term sustainable growth. Therefore, it's crucial for forward-thinking businesses.

Elevate your ESG reporting

ESG reporting can improve your business in many ways; compliance, risk management, engagement with stakeholders, reputation management, operational efficiency and cost savings. Best of all, the insights the reporting provides can provide a springboard for your company to start making amore positive environmental and social impact.

Want to discover how KEY ESG can streamline your ESG management? Explore our offerings and request a personalised demo of our platform to transform your ESG strategy.

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