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About Aukera Energy

Aukera Energy is an energy transition company which develops, invests in and operates grid scale renewable energy assets in Europe and the United States.

They are on a mission to lead the global transition to clean energy and are dedicated to the creation of long-term value for stakeholders on a socially and environmentally sustainable basis.

The Challenge

Aukera is a young business that is building its ESG processes from the ground up. The company is keen to balance its ambition to be a leader on ESG with its limited resource – they currently have no dedicated ESG resource, and the CFO and founders manage their ESG reporting. Aukera has institutional investors and stakeholders who require SFDR reporting so they need to cover the SFDR basics from the start, and choose other additional metrics which are appropriate for their specific business use case.

An additional challenge is that in order to implement ESG improvements, Aukera needs to report according to asset type and geography. Otherwise, the insights produced by the data become impossible to action.

KEY ESG’s Solution

KEY ESG’s metric library enables Aukera to select metrics based on relevant frameworks (SFDR) and additional company ESG goals. Data can be collected at the asset or physical site level to support site-based ESG tracking and monitoring. KEY ESG’s onboarding team is on hand to provide guidance on metric selection and the full range of different Environmental, Social and Governance data reporting metrics means that the company has full flexibility.

To address Aukera’s limited resource, KEY ESG’s software centralises ESG data from various systems and business applications, saving time and preventing errors with automated reporting and data quality assurance.

The approach in stats:


Yuri Mayor, Aukera CFO, said:

“KEY ESG enabled our team to produce our first ESG report within one month. Their software enabled our team to quickly cover the ESG basics and contextualize our ESG performance for internal management as well as external stakeholder communication purposes.”

What’s next?

Aukera Energy was able to produce its first ESG report within one month of onboarding KEY ESG. The company is now looking to progress further, both in reporting and implementation of ESG best-practice. KEY ESG’s granular data gathering and ability to segment data according to asset type, geography, organisational structure, and financial instrument allows Aukera to clearly see the strengths and weaknesses of its portfolio of assets. Subsequently, Aukera will be looking to work with operations and management teams on the ground to implement processes to improve ESG results.

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KEY ESG enabled our team to produce our first ESG report within one month. Their software enabled our team to quickly cover the ESG basics and contextualize our ESG performance for internal management as well as external stakeholder communication purposes.

Yuri Mayor, CFO

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Aukera Energy has begun a structured and data-driven ESG improvement strategy thanks to KEY ESG, find out how we can help your business.

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